Dental Lab Technician Certification Clarification

Dental Lab Technician Certification Clarification

According to the feedback I have received, many of you are interested in achieving certification in dental laboratory technology.  In addition to a great deal of study, becoming eligible for the CDT exam requires years of hands-on experience.  Your options may be explored at the National Association for Dental Laboratories (NADL).

PTC Certification

PTC is widely recognized around the world as the leader in dental laboratory technology training.  There are several ways for an individual to achieve PTC certification: through online anatomy training, hands-on technical courses and our latest TechMaster  modules.

Though there are differences between the national certification and PTC certification, PTC training (and certification) is one of the quickest ways to get started in your career as a dental lab technician.   Additionally, PTC training materials are extremely helpful for CDT test preparation.  Stay tuned, my next blog will explain in detail.





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