How much money do dental technicians make?

How much money do dental technicians make?

Dental technicians create crowns, bridges and dentures after receiving an impression of the patient’s teeth from a dentist.  There are three main departments in a dental lab: Crown & Bridge, Porcelain, and Dentures.  Some dental technicians attend a 2 year school before working in a dental lab.  However, the majority of training occurs on-the-job and through courses.

Average Annual Wage

The average annual income for dental technicians, as of May 2010, was $37,980.  This corresponds to an average hourly wage of $18.26 per hour.  These figures are based off of the 38,360 reported dental lab technicians.

National Wage Range

The difference between the highest and lowest earning technicians is almost $40,000.  Reported incomes ranged from $20,940 annually to $58,560.

Beginner Technician Wage

Experience and skill level is a major factor in dental technician salary.  Based on LMT’s 2012 wage survey beginner technician wages range anywhere from $20,945 to $31,283, depending on job function.  By beginner technician, is a dental technician with up to 2 years experience.

After 5 years, the average technician wage jumps up to $29,827 to $46,904, depending on the specific technician job function.

For more information on becoming a dental technician see our dental technician courses section or contact any dental technology school.


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