How to become a dental lab technician

How to become a dental lab technician

Dental technicians create crowns, bridges and dentures after receiving an impression of the patient’s teeth from a dentist.  There are three main departments in a dental {lab|laboratory}: Crown & Bridge, Porcelain, and Dentures.  Many dental technicians {only|} work in one department.  This makes it easier to become a dental technician because you do not need to learn everything, only a specific skill or group of skills.

PTC has been training dental lab technicians for {over|the past} 30 years.  Our training systems and technician courses use {our|} streamlined teaching techniques to {quickly|} train new technicians and improve the skills of existing technicians.  Our courses and systems establish stable references and standard procedures that enable you to advance to a level of technical competence in a very short amount of time.  We provide you with training models, TechBooks, and the instruments needed to learn a specific skill.

Dental Anatomy

The first step you should do is take the PTC posterior anatomy and anterior anatomy online courses.   These courses will help prepare you for the technical course and familiarize you with the {terminology|vocabulary} used in the {dental |}industry.


After you finish both online courses call PTC and speak with one of our technical consultants.  We will help you decide which dental technician area is best for you and your individual needs: Crown & Bridge, Porcelain, or Dentures.  You are now ready to register for the next technical course.  When you register you will receive custom PTC training models, the PTC TechBooks for your course and the accompanying instrument kit.


Before you arrive you will study the TechBooks.  We recommend giving yourself at least 30 days to study for the course.  The more you prepare before the course, the more our expert instructors will be able to teach you the material.

Travel and Hotel

See our Travel & Hotel page for information on booking your flight, hotel, and car rental.

The Course

During the course you will learn the technical skills and fundamentals of dental technicians for the specific course.  You will go through all the material with our (Certified Dental Technician) technical trainer and will receive extensive one on one attention to help with your unique training needs.

Job Placement

After you have completed the course we can put you in contact with a dental lab recruitment firm who will help match you with your ideal position.

The beginning of your career as a dental lab technician is well within your reach.

Call (800) 448-8855 for a free technical consultation or send us a message.


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  1. Muhammad Aslam  June 13, 2013

    i am lad teh . i am working in following ……
    1. dental ceramist
    3-And working chief dental tech
    i want a dental certificate………..

  2. Bongumusa  October 21, 2013

    i also want to become a dental technician but i’m not sure how

  3. Paulo Assis  November 10, 2013

    I would like to get more information please,eg prices duration etc. Thank you

  4. LINDSEY  February 7, 2014

    I do work in a dental lab as a purchasing agent. I also have my dental assisting certification. My question is I am looking into working with my hands but not with a dentist, should I persue the avenue of a dental lab tech and get trained here at the lab that I work for.

  5. veronica  August 14, 2014

    hi.i work as a dental assistant ,i would like to know if its possible for me to become a dental tech?by doing that i want to persue my career studying dental tech course,help.


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